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Backgammon History

The history of Backgammon

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Backgammon History - the history of backgammon

Reputedly the oldest game in the history of man, Backgammon history has come a long way from it's origins of being played by Romans, Egyptians and Persians (from where the game may have originated - now Iran).

The name "Backgammon" is reported to have evolved from a number of languages and either means "Back Game" - from where a checker may be moved back to the beginning of the game, or "Little Battle" - relating to the method by which battle to win the game. Another possible theory being that Backgammon board was on the reverse side of a chess board thereby being "the game on the back" of the board the players were using for chess.

Throughout the long history of Backgammon it has been banned and made illegal, usually for the gambling - such as in the era of Elizabeth I. Henry VIII banned all boards and ordered them destroyed (probably at the same time as he ordered all the Catholic Churches to be demolished). Japan also banned the game of Backgammon during the reign of Empress Jito.

In summary, Backgammon history shows the game of Backgammon has been played for the last one thousand years and surely it will be played for at least another thousand years but one thing that has reintroduced a new generation to the Backgammon game is the Internet - so learn it well, play it wisely and maybe you can become a master and make backgammon history yourself!

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