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Backgammon Tips

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Backgammon Tips

This section is designed to help you learn backgammon tips from us, Backgammon Tips - part of the Casino Tips Group.

This page is divided into three sections;

Learn Backgammon Tips for Beginners

  1. Consider carefully when to accept a double from your opponent. You should take the double roughly 25% of the time all things being equal - unless of course you have a strong chance of winning.
  2. Redoubling is allowed . When your opponent has doubled you to two, you can redouble him to four whenever it's your turn to roll the dice. You should consider a match to 3 where you are losing 1-0. Your opponent doubles, and you take. You should always turn the cube on your next turn - you have nothing to lose as if you lose this game you lose the entire match, so engineer it so you will win the match if you win this game!

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Advanced Backgammon Tips

  1. There will be times when you have to leave your opponent with a shot at your single checkers, when this is the case you could consider whether to leave a checker nearest the beginning (where it will do you the least damage in terms of spaces lost) or whether you should leave your vulnerable checker where it can do the most damage to your opponent on your next roll. We would recommend the latter in just about all cases!
  2. Always consider your alternatives prior to making your move - there are usually more options than you think and you should attempt to find at least a couple of alternatives then select the best move to make. Failure to do this will cost you dearly!

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